Leadlighting class details

Upcoming Dates 2019

  • 13th Feb

  • 20th March

  • 1st May

  • 5th June

  • 21st August

  • 16th October

  • 20th November

Please note, these dates may change during the year depending on numbers and closures over winter conditions.

Places are 10 people per class (approx.) and a deposit must be paid to confirm your place*.

* We cannot guarantee your space if no payment is made prior to the first night.

Please note, there is no refund or rolling over of classes if you miss a session, however, you can make up a missed lesson on a Saturday morning as long as it's not the first session. Please bear in mind that the storefront is open and you may have to wait until the tutor is available.

  • Classes are 5 weeks long (1 session per week)
  • The fee is $105 for the 5-week class
    (your tools and materials are to be purchased separately)

  • A glass cutter (from $25.00 – $38.50) and grozing pliers ($20.00) are required for your first class

  • Additional tools may be required depending on your project (lead only), these may be:
    — Lead dykes $27.00
    — Lead knives $17.00
    — Horseshoe nails $5.00 – $7.00

  • Optional extras include:
    — Lathekin $5.00
    — Hammer (bring your own small one, if you have one) $15.00 – $25.00
    — Running pliers $15.00
    — Cutting square $15.00


We will teach you how to make a small leadlight or copperfoil piece, you can choose what design you would like and we will guide you.

The most important thing is that you have fun creating and learning!